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Far Cry 6 Secret Ending – How to Get Hidden in Plain Sight Trophy/Achievement

Skip the fighting and head straight to the USA

Ubisoft has an affinity for including ending Easter Eggs in the Far Cry series and Far Cry 6 is no different.  In this latest adventure players can end the Far Cry 6 experience a little early if they so choose.  In doing so, they’ll also earn the “Hidden in Plain Sight” Achievement/Trophy.  Completing this Easter Egg will allow players to skip through all the fighting to overthrow Yara’s dictator and head straight to the beach for beer and some tunes.  This guide will explain exactly what you need to do to get the Far Cry 6 Secret Ending and earn the Hidden in Plain Sight Achievement/Trophy.

How to Get the Far Cry 6 Secret Ending

Once you’ve made it to Libertad Island you are able to unlock the secret ending for Far Cry 6.  If you haven’t made it past the initial blockade you’ll need to finish what is effectively the tutorial segment for the game.  The story will have you meeting the leader of the uprising to overthrow Castillo in Clara Garcia and she’ll give you the option to leave straight away.  If you take this option you can take a boat and simply drive it off of one of the map edges which will trigger an alternate ending for the game.

If you’ve already decided to push forward and help Clara and the revolution you can always just leave the map at any time.  Simply hop in a boat and drive it off the map.  You will see a warning message that says you are leaving Yara, and in doing so you will trigger a cutscene that has Dani resting comfortably on the beach drinking a beer and listening to upbeat music.

Of course, the message isn’t very uplifting as it is announced that the revolution has failed and that Garcia has been killed.

You don’t have to restart the game to see the ending

Checking out the secret ending is definitely worth it.  Once the credits roll you can simply head back to where you were at your previous save if you want to keep the revolution alive.

And that’s everything you need to know about the Secret Ending Easter Egg in Far Cry 6.  You’ll receive the Hidden in Plain sight trophy/achievement as soon as you hit the edge of the world map.

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