Far Cry 6 Seeds of Love: All 7 Lorenzo Children Locations

Lorenzo's estranged children are spread across Sierra Perdida and Conuco.

by Diego Perez


The Seeds of Love quest will send Far Cry 6 players all over Yara in search of Lorenzo’s lost children. This isn’t the first quest involving Lorenzo’s complicated love life, but it’s much more complicated than the one that comes before it. This time, Lorenzo only supplies pictures that give hints about his children’s whereabouts. There aren’t any markers or maps to guide you on your way. This guide will show you how to find all 7 of Lorenzo’s children so you can complete the Seeds of Love quest in Far Cry 6.

All 7 Lorenzo Children Locations in Far Cry 6

In order to complete the Seeds of Love mission, you have to find all 7 of Lorenzo’s children using the photos he provides. They can all be found in El Este, so you don’t have to go too far to find them. Five of them are located in Sierra Perdida, while the last two can be found in Conuco. You can see all of their locations on the map below.


When you approach the location of one of the children, Dani will comment that the surroundings look like one of the pictures. That’s how you’ll know you’re close. Each one of them has a small problem that you’ll need to solve, but it’s never more complicated than fighting a few soldiers or solving a simple puzzle. Here’s where you can find all 7 of Lorenzo’s children.

Lorzeno’s Child #1 Location

The first of Lorenzo’s children can be found in the small town of Barriga, which is located near the northern border of Sierra Perdida. They’re being harassed by two soldiers, but you can make quick work of them.

Lorzeno’s Child #2 Location

The second of Lorzenzo’s children is located in the northern part of Savannah Fields in Sierra Perdida. They’re locked in a house, but you can find the key on a nearby table.

Lorzeno’s Child #3 Location

The third of Lorenzo’s children can be found in the southern part of Savannah Fields in Sierra Perdida. When you arrive, smell the flower on the table and you will start to hallucinate. Follow the apparitions of Lorenzo’s daughter and you’ll eventually meet her for real. This is a reference to the Project at Eden’s Gate cult from Far Cry 5.

Lorzeno’s Child #4 Location

Lorenzo’s fourth child can be found in Santo Domingo in Sierra Perdida. When you get to the town, you’ll hear someone screaming for help. This is Lorenzo’s fourth kid, and he’s locked in a building. To free him, climb onto the roof of the building across the street and shoot the lock through the window.

Lorzeno’s Child #5 Location

The fifth child can be found in the Todos Santos Cemetery in the western part of Sierra Perdida. He’s pretending to be a ghost, so just follow the spooky sounds and you’ll find his hiding spot.

Lorzeno’s Child #6 Location

The sixth of Lorenzo’s lost children can be found on Flores Farm in Conuco. The farm is located along the winding road to the southwest of the word “Conuco” on the map. There, you’ll find a dog. Pet the dog and it’ll take you to the sixth child.

Lorzeno’s Child #7 Location

The last of Lorenzo’s children is located in the town of Concepcion, which is along the eastern coast of Conuco. When you arrive, head to the northwest section of the town and look for an area called Corazon Alley. You can find the child spraypainting a mural on a wall.

Far Cry 6 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna. Check out our review of the game here.

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