Far Cry 6: Tricks of the Trade Guide – All 5 Billboard Locations

Dealing with pesky billboards...

by Ben Stroud


Far Cry 6 comes packed with a plethora of side quests to sink your teeth into. These smaller pursuits can vary from simple treasure hunts to even backstory towards the main plot. For this article, we’re going to focus purely on the “Tricks Of The Trade” questline. After beginning the mission in the west La Joya region, you are tasked with travelling to a radio station first and from then on taking part in your own personal billboard renovations.

During this side story, one of the main objectives is destroying/defacing billboards located throughout a region in Far Cry 6’s luscious Yara. Unfortunately, none of these five advertisements is marked on Dani’s map whatsoever. There are 5 billboards in total and without any assistance, can be rather frustrating to find. Below is a detailed description and location on how to discover and destroy each and every one.

Far Cry 6 Tricks of the Trade Billboard Locations

After grabbing the poster from the Fernando Local radio station just south of Juantorena Farm in Fernando Valley. your next task will be vandalizing Admiral Benitez’s billboards. In the picture below, all five locations have been marked along the south side road. However, only three need to be destroyed to progress the side quest further. Each of these billboards is placed along the coastline at the bottom of the Promise Peaks area and are quite easy to spot.

In regards to the destruction of the propaganda, simply climbing it or landing from above and interacting, will deface it. Each one of the posters has a suitably placed platform to jump onto to gain access and get in close. Beginning from Robustas Hills in the west, across to the Vacia Coast in the east, each piece of propaganda are in close proximity of one another. The blue points below represent each billboard and its location:


Upon completion of your objective, after a short while, Dani should receive a phone call to continue the quest even further. Heading over to the rendezvous point/trade point at Basilica de la Virgen, a cutscene will begin playing, and you will be tasked with protecting Felicia. For this situation, be sure to keep your weapon holstered, as the enemies will become hostile automatically if not. The soldiers involved shouldn’t be too much of a challenge if your weapons have been upgraded well enough. Once complete, untying her will fulfil the objective, present your rewards and in turn, finish the quest.

Far Cry 6 is now available on Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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