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Far Cry New Dawn How to Equip Special Ammo & Change Ammo Type

You'll need to meet a couple requirements to get more powerful ammo.

by William Schwartz


One of the unique things about the weapons in Far Cry New Dawn is that some of them can use special ammo types.  In this guide we’ll quickly explain how to equip Special Ammo on a weapon or change the ammunition type on a gun in Far Cry New Dawn.

To equip Special Ammo in Far Cry New Dawn you’re going to want to go into the weapon wheel.  This can be done by pressing the LB Button (Xbox One) L1 Button (PlayStation 4). Through the weapon wheel you can then cycle through any special ammo types that you have by pressing the RB button.  These special ammo can be seen in the center of the weapon wheel circle if a gun can use special ammo.

Special ammo types include Incendiary, Explosive, or Armor Piercing alongside the Standard type.  You can get Special Ammo at any Workbench or Shop in the game.

To be able to craft Special Ammo you need to upgrade your Explosives Capability

If you want to be able to craft Special Ammo in Far Cry New Dawn you’re going to need to upgrade your explosives department at Prosperity.  Doing so will allow you to craft different types of ammunition and resupply when you need it.

What do the Special Ammo Types do in Far Cry New Dawn?

Incendiary Ammo – Light targets on fire

Explosive Ammo – Will blow stuff up

Armor Piercing – Can be used to fight armored opponents that have shields or helmets

Not all weapons can use Special Ammo

If you’re looking to craft a new weapon that can use special ammo, make sure to take a look at it’s ratings to see what type of ammo it can use.  Most of the standard guns will not have the ability to use special ammo for the grey and blue tiered weapons.  You will start to see more weapons that you can use Special Ammo for in the Purple Rank 3 Tier.

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