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Far Cry New Dawn How to Get Ethanol

If you need Ethanol keep your eyes out for these activities.

by William Schwartz


One of the new mechanics in Far Cry New Dawn is the use of Ethanol to upgrade you base of operations called Prosperity.  To upgrade the many different facets of your home base you’re going to need to find plenty of this.  There are numerous ways to find Ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn and this guide will go over some of the ways you can get it.

Get Ethanol From Outposts

One of the best ways to get Ethanol fast in Far Cry New Dawn is to complete the Outpost Challenges.  There are 10 Outposts in the game and toppling each of them will give you a big boost to your Ethanol supply.  Outposts function similarly to other Far Cry games.  You’ll need to scout out the outpost and then infiltrate and take out all enemies to clear it.  The wrinkle in the challenge is that your enemies can call in reinforcements if you don’t disable the alarm towers in the outpost.

Scavenge Outposts For Even More Ethanol

Once you’ve completed an outpost one time you can then scavenge the outpost for bigger rewards.  With these bigger rewards come bigger challenges, so be prepared for a tougher fight against more difficult enemies and more alarms to disable.  However, doing these challenges will earn you Ethanol really quick in Far Cry New Dawn.


Ethanol Can Also Be Found in Supply Drops

While you’re out exploring you’re also going to find Supply Drops.  These large crates are dropped from planes and contain Ethanol and other items.  You’ll usually need to fight off a group of the Highwaymen, but the rewards are worth.  You’ll be notified on the screen when a supply drop is in your vicinity.  It’ll take a little bit to actually unpack the supply drop so make sure that you defeat any nearby enemies and animals before you attempt to open it.

Get Ethanol From Highwaymen Tankers

The Highwaymen are constantly driving around Ethanol tankers throughout Hope County.  You’ll know them when you see them because they have the word “Ethanol” sketched into the side of the tanker.  What you’ll want to do when you encounter these tankers is to hijack the vehicle and then take it to your outpost to secure the Ethanol.

While Ethanol is a valuable commodity in Far Cry New Dawn, keeping to these activities and keeping your eyes out for these unique opportunities will keep you flush with the valuable commodity that will help you build your base and upgrade your crafting capabilities.

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