Far Cry New Dawn How to Get More Powerful Weapons

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Far Cry New Dawn has weapons that have different ranks.  In the game you’ll find grey, blue, purple, and gold weapons in the crafting menus, but you’ll only be able to craft certain weapons if you’ve unlocked a different workbench tier.

The most powerful weapons in Far Cry New Dawn are going to be the ones that you unlock by upgrading the workbench in Prosperity.  These weapons can be crafted with materials that you scavenge when looting the world, completing treasure hunts, and expedition missions.  However, you’ll also need a bit of Ethanol to unlock these different workbench tiers.

To do this you’re going to need to topple enemy outposts or do other challenges to build your ethanol reserves.  Once you’ve got the Ethanol you can then head to the Workbench location in Prosperity and upgrade it.  Upgrading it to level 1 will allow you to craft blue weapons.  Upgrading to Level 2 will allow you to craft purple weapons.  The final level will allow you to unlock gold Weapons.

There are a ton of different weapons to craft in Far Cry New Dawn.  They will almost all require that you have materials to craft.  There are a couple that are exclusive to the Ubisoft Club, however. You can craft weapons for your character at any time by heading to a weapon workbench.  These workbenches can be found in your main base at Prosperity or at the different Outposts that you have completed.

Once in the Workbench just hover over the weapons area and then select which slot you want to craft a weapon in.  From there it will show you a list of weapons that you can currently craft, and a bunch that you likely can’t until you upgrade.  Available weapons that you can craft will have a hammer in a circle overlay.  If you’ve got the materials then you can craft any weapon in the tier that you have the workbench upgraded to.

Keep progressing the workbench level all the way to level 3 to unlock the best weapons in Far Cry New Dawn.

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