Far Cry New Dawn How to Get Perk Points

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In Far Cry New Dawn there are a number of different perks and abilities that you can unlock in the game.  To do this you’re going to need to earn Perk Points.  You can do this by completing in-game challenges, completing missions, completing treasure hunts, and you can purchase them using Far Cry Credits.

There are 25 different perks in Far Cry New Dawn and to get them all you’re going to need plenty of Perk Points.  Completing the missions, challenges, and treasure hunts feels like a pretty easy way to avoid actually paying more for these items.

Getting Perk Points by Completing Challenges

If you head into the challenges tab in the game’s menu you’ll find that you can do many different things in Far Cry New Dawn to earn Perk Points.  These challenges are wide ranging and include small tasks like killing enemies with certain weapons, using certain items, and hunting specific animals.  Completing these things will usually net you one or two perk points.

Getting Perk Points by Completing Missions and Helping NPCs

Playing the main campaign story missions or side missions you’re going to find that you’re being rewarded pretty frequently with Perk Points in the game.   You’ll also want to keep an eye out for people that you can help in the game.  This will give you the opportunity for more perk points as well.

Get Perk Points by Completing Treasure Hunts

There are 10 unique treasure hunts in the game and they’ll each reward you with perk points once you find the treasure.  Each Treasure Hunt will reward you with three perk point magazines which can be used to upgrade your character.

Buy Perk Points

If worse comes to worse you can always purchase Perk Points using Far Cry Credits.  Far Cry Credits can be earned in-game, but they are also a microtransaction that can be purchased as well.  These Far Cry Credits come in small, medium, large, extra large, and double extra large variations with prices ranging from $4.99 to $49.99.


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