Far Cry New Dawn Treasure Hunt Locations

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Treasure Hunts in Far Cry New Dawn are one of the new activities that players can embark on in the world to earn unique rewards.  Seeking out these unique locations will give you a number of valuable items each time you find one.  Some of the items you’ll get for completing Treasure Hunts include Components, Perk Points, Materials, and Far Cry Credits.

The Treasure Hunts are noted on the map as green diamond shaped emblems.  When you get to these locations you’ll normally find a note that gives you some clue as to what you’ll need to do to get the treasure.  This includes doing things like solving puzzles, completing jumping puzzles, grappling, burning things or doing other objectives.

There are ten Treasure Hunts in Far Cry New Dawn and this guide will explain what you need to do to find each one and get the treasures.

For Whom The Bear Tolls Treasure Hunt Location


The For Whom The Bear Tolls Treasure Hunt requires that players venture down into a Tomb that is located under the church in the area.  A bear holds the key to the underground area and the bell in the church must be rung to call it.  Once the bear brings the key you will need to kill it to enter.  Once you’ve got the key you can enter the underground tomb and collect your reward.

Going Haywire Treasure Hunt Location


Going Haywire is located at Parker’s Vault.  You’ll remember this location from the first game where the strange contraption was located.  In New Dawn there is a bunker underneath the time travel device and that bunker has all the supplies that you need.  First you’ll need to access the trailer by jumping onto the roof and shooting the locked door through a hole in the ceiling.  Once inside you can turn off the machine and enter the bunker.

High Art Treasure Hunt Location


The High Art Treasure Hunt will require that you gain access to a garage fairly close to Prosperity.  To get into this garage you’re going to need to use the grappling hook and then zipline into the building.  Once inside you’ll need to hit a couple of different valves to open up a doors to gain access to a secret area which contains all of the treasures for this location.  Once you’ve opened the door you’ll find Perks, Crafting Materials, and more.

Riddle Me Fish Treasure Hunt Location


Heading to this Treasure Hunt you’ll find a note that tells you the location of the treasure.  It says that it’s located under the shed with the door being at the bottom of the ladder past the fish.  However, you’ll need to unlock the door at the bottom of the stairs.

To get this you can either try this code: 246135 or you can go into the main house and start the generator and watch the sequence to unlock the door.

Target Practice Treasure Hunt Location


To access the Target Practice Treasure Hunt you’ll head to the location and discover a big underground bunker that is locked from the inside.  If you do some exploring around the property you will discover a contraption underground that functions as both a target practice system and a way to unlock the doors.  Simply pull the lever and then hit the targets on both sides to gain access to the bunker and collect your treasure hunt rewards.

Light ‘Em Up Treasure Hunt Location


Requires that you get a key from a Wolverine that is nesting in a church.  Enter the church and then explore the church until the Wolverine attacks you.  You’ll need to find the Wolverine’s nest and then use a Molotov to burn it and kill the animal.  Collect the key and then head out to the shed outside to collect your rewards for this Treasure Hunt.

The Best Laid Plans Treasure Hunt Location


The Best Laid Plans Treasure Hunt will require that you use the Grappling Hook perk to climb up to a wrecked train car.

Burning Souls Treasure Hunt Location


The Burning Souls Treasure Hunt requires that you have a Molotov grenade to light a ritual fire and then collect cultist corpses to throw in the fire.  Once you’ve collected five different cultist bodies you will be able to access the stash vault that will give you rewards.

Go With the Flow Treasure Hunt Location


Rescuers Go Under Treasure Hunt Location


Heading towards the Rescuers Go Under Treasure Hunt you’ll find a truck at the bottom of a cascading waterfall.  You’ll find a letter as well that reveals a search party went into the nearby caverns.  You’ll need to have the grappling hook perk to access this Treasure Hunt.  Use the grappling hook to head up the mountain and then into a small area that will take you into a cavernous area.

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