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Far Cry Primal Guide: How To Escape Hard To See Dark Caves

by Dean James


Far Cry Primal released yesterday and for anyone that has started playing it, you will see just how big of a part that exploration plays in this game. Most of this time is spent scouring the wide open grassy areas and such, but there are also plenty of caves to check out as well that can be very hard to navigate.

One of the first caves that is required comes in a main mission when recruiting specialists to your village, where you will very quickly realize just how hard it can be to see in these dark areas. When you are just walking around in the dirt and rocky portions of the caves, the best action is to pull out one of your weapons like the club or spear and light it on fire to help see.

With no map showing the way inside these caves, you are completely left to finding your way out all alone. The biggest problem that comes into play though are the water filled sections that can make you absolutely lose your mind after awhile.  Specifically, the areas that have multiple water sections make this even tougher, as it’s very easy to get turned around.

This is largely caused by the fact that your fire covered weapons are doused with water every time you need to swim, making it basically impossible to see in the water at all. The only saving grace is that sometimes you can see a little better by going underwater and seeing where light reflects.

There is one recommendation I have that can help you when you are totally lost in most situations, using fast travel to escape. Obviously, this won’t help you when the cave is involved in a story mission that is required, but if it’s just you exploring a cave for painting and such, you can always fast travel out of there to another location. I know I had to do this a few times when I had no idea how to escape a cave filled with water, so that might be your best bet a lot of the time.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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