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Far Cry Primal Guide: How To Unlock Ability To Tame More Wild Animals

by Dean James


Far Cry Primal takes place way in the past in 10,000 BC where the animals greatly outnumber the human population. With the prevalence of wild life, the game offers the Beast Master taming skills, though some require a few prerequisites to get.

By playing through the main story, you will pretty quickly unlock the Beast Master skill tree that first gives you the owl to use to help tag and mark enemies by scouting ahead. After this, you will learn how to tame your first animal, a wolf, which can now become your companion.

At this point, you will already have the Tame Canines skill unlocked that alllows you to tame dholes, rare dholes wolves, white wolves, and rare stripe wolves. However, there are still three others levels that will allow you to tame even more useful animals.

After taming the wolf as part of the game’s main story, you will have access to the next of the Beast Master skills called Tame Wildcats, which will allow you to tame leopards, jaguars, rare black jaguars, cave lions, and rare black lions. This will cost you one skill point to unlock, which will then be permanent at that point.

The next level will require you to do some more work on the side to unlock, as you will need to have tamed five different beasts to even unlock the Tame Apex Predators skill. Upon taming five beasts, you can then unlock this skill by expending two skill points, which will allow you to tame sabretooth tigers and brown bears.

With the first three Beast Master taming skills unlocked, that means you have one more level to obtain. This one will also require you to do some more work on the side, as you need to have tamed a total of eight beasts, which means you need to tame an additional three beyond the Apex Predators skills. After taming eight total, you can unlock the Tame Cunning Beasts skill for three skill points, which allows you to tame cave bears and badgers.

After unlocking these four, you will have all of the taming Beast Master skills at your disposal. Not every single animal in the game can be tamed, but at this point you will be able to tame any of the ones that are possible.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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