Fastest Ways to Level Up Sage in FFXIV

Even healers can level up with ease.

by J.T. Isenhour


Getting the Sage class will put you 10 levels behind what you need to be for the Endwalker story. This means we need a way to level Sage quickly. Luckily Final Fantasy XIV has tons of ways to quickly level any class. Sage is an interesting job in Final Fantasy XIV since it is the first healer class that heals by doing damage. By having a leveled Sage you will be an asset to any raid team. Sadly, your effort in preparing for Endwalker won’t help your sage leveling but it was still useful for your other classes.

Best Ways to Level Up Sage in FFXIV

Fate Train

On launch day, Fate Training will be a super useful way to level up quickly. Fate Training is when you go to the zone in the game that matches your current level and complete the random events called FATEs in the area. These will reward a decent chunk of XP and the more you do the higher chance a FATE with extra XP will spawn for you. You can also find parties to join that will help you complete the FATEs in an area quickly. Just make sure you are in the area that is around your level to be the most efficient with this method.

Dungeon Spamming

You can do this method while you are Fate Training. Just simply queue yourself up for dungeons and wait. The queues for healers and DPS’s will be long with the new classes which makes this a great method to practice while you do FATEs. You should already be familiar with the dungeons you are doing at level 70 if you have other classes and have completed the Shadowbringers expansion. This will make joining parties for Fate Training a bit difficult but not being in a party won’t affect Fate Training.


Food and Company Buffs

Eating any food in Final Fantasy will provide you with a small passive boost to any XP earned for half an hour. It doesn’t matter what food you eat, any food will provide an XP boost. You can also get XP boosting buffs from your Grand Company and your Free Company. In order to get the buff from your Grand Company, you will need to be a high enough rank to have your own squad. After leveling them up you can send them on missions that reward you with Squadron Battle Manuals. These manuals will provide a 15% XP buff for two hours and should stack with the food buff.

Using the Free Company action Heat of Battle will also provide a battle XP buff that changes depending on what rank of action you use. You can also use the action Meat and Mead to extend the duration of any food you eat. This will save you from having to re-eat food every half hour. All of these buffs should stack with one another and will greatly increase the amount of XP you get while Fate Training and Dungeon Spamming. If you have any trouble with Endwalker content make sure to check out our other guides.

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PS4 and PS5.

- This article was updated on December 3rd, 2021

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