FFXIV: A Guide of Sorts Quest Walkthrough

Track down Krile in Labyrinthos.

by Diego Perez


Early in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, players will encounter a quest called “A Guide of Sorts” in the new Labyrinthos zone below Old Sharlayan. This is a straightforward quest on paper, but since the zone is brand-new and players are prevented from using the lift in the center of the area, navigating can be pretty difficult for players who are just trying to get through the MSQ. Thankfully, finishing this main scenario quest is very easy once you know which path to take. Here’s how to complete A Guide of Sorts in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker.

How to Complete A Guide of Sorts in Final Fantasy XIV

This quest begins immediately after completing “The Full Report, Warts and All.” Speak to Alisaie in Labyrinthos to start the mission. The first step of the quest is to speak with Y’Shtola, but many players are having difficulty finding her. The area she’s in cannot be accessed easily, and if players leave the area before competing the quest, they’ll seemingly be stuck without any way to reach her.

How to Speak With Y’Shtola

In order to reach Y’Shtola in the A Guide of Sorts quest, you have to journey to the eastern edge of Labyrinthos and travel through a hidden passage in a cave. This is the route that players were forced to take during an earlier quest in this zone, but many people leave the area to do other quests or dungeons and forget about the passage entirely. You can see the cave’s entrance marked on the map below.


Where to Find Krile

After you speak with Y’Shtola, you’ll be sent to search for Krile. Krile can be found nearby in a search zone to the southeast, but finding her can be tricky since she’s so short and there are a ton of players crowding Labyrinthos as they work through the main Endwalker story.



Krile can be found in the northwestern part of the orange search zone. She’s standing in front of a bright patch of flowers. If you see a crowd of players standing around with the cutscene icon by their names, then you’re in the right place. Speak with Krile, watch the cutscene that plays, and return to Y’Shtola to complete the quest and move on with the MSQ.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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