FFXIV All Saint’s Wake Event: How to Get Clown Costume and Rewards

Looks like they finally added the clown job to Final Fantasy.

by J.T. Isenhour

It seems like Final Fantasy XIV is having a hard time reading their calendar this year. Instead of getting ready to hand out hearts people are being handed clown outfits and pumpkins. No one really expected the next event in Final Fantasy XIV to be All Saints Wake but that is what has just begun. Lately, the game has been throwing a lot of unexpected things the communities way, just last patch the Dancing Pole and Hose of Happiness were added. Still, a free clown suit and other goodies are always welcome any time of year, lets go over how you can claim yours.

How to Get the Clown Suit and Other Rewards in Final Fantasy XIV

In order to obtain any of the rewards that are being given during this event, you will need to turn in pumpkin cookies. These cookies are earned by completing the seasonal duty that is unlocked at the end of the seasonal quest. Luckily this duty is replayable so you can farm as many cookies as you need to clean out the seasonal shop.

Luckily your first completion of the duty will earn you six cookies and you get an extra one for completing the quest. In order to obtain the full clown outfit, you will need 12 total pumpkin cookies to trade in. If you want to get every item in the shop at least once you will need 19 total cookies.


It is a little odd to have the Halloween event for Final Fantasy XIV happening at the beginning of the year. However, All Saints Wake for 2021 was canceled due to the amount of work that Endwalker needed to be able to make its release date. Since Endwalker ended up being delayed past its original release date, it’s not hard to believe there wasn’t enough time to put together an All Saints Wake event that is up to normal Final Fantasy XIV Quality.

This just means do not start expecting future All Saints Wake events to start occurring in January. We should all expect to see another All Saints Wake event at its normal time this year. If you have any more trouble with Final Fantasy XIV make sure to check out our other guides.

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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