FFXIV: How to Farm Tomestones of Revelation Easily Until Endwalker

Let's get capped!

by Andron Smith

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers has effectively reached its end but lots of players are still figuring out how to farm Tomestones of Revelation. Before, when the cap was 450 Tomestones a week, this was a breeze as you could run just one Duty Roulette: Expert a day, five days a week and easily cap out. However, with the cap now moved to 900 a week, this becomes a bit trickier. Sure you could do an expert roulette seven days a week and reach 630 Tomestones but that still leaves you 270 short. Most players double up on dungeon duty but we personally find that gets really boring, really fast. Especially when there are still around three months to go (at the time of this writing) until the launch of Endwalker, just grinding mindlessly isn’t the best use of our time. Well, you’re in luck as we’re going to share our method to farm these little trinkets right here. Here’s everything we know on how to farm Tomestones of Revelation in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to Farm Tomestones of Revelation in Final Fantasy XIV

The easiest method we found to farm 900 Tomestones of revelation a week is to do a combination of expert, trial, alliance raid, and normal raid roulettes. This not only makes sure you always cap out but will keep you having fun with different experiences along the way. Check out below for our schedule for getting this all done in under an hour a day (except for Tuesdays).

Revelation Farming Schedule (North America Focus)

Every Tuesday is the weekly reset day. On Tuesday, you should spend most of your time getting a nice head start for the rest of the week. On Tuesday, do one Duty Roulette: Expert that yields 90 Tomestones, one Duty Roulette: Trials that yields 15 Tomestones, one Duty Roulette: Normal Raid that yields 20 Tomestones, and one Duty Roulette: Alliance Raid that yields 50 Tomestones. Note that the Alliance and Normal raids could yield more depending on your luck but we listed the guaranteed numbers. In total, you’re looking at 175 Tomestones right there on Tuesday. In terms of time invested, you’re looking at around two hours depending on how lucky you are with randos.

For the rest of the days of the week, Wednesday through Monday, aim to do one Duty Roulette: Expert, one Duty Roulette: Trials, and one Duty Roulette: Normal Raid. This will get you to 125 Tomestones on each of these days. In terms of time for these days, you’re looking at under an hour unless you play DPS then the expert may take a bit longer to load into. Still far quicker than running dungeon after dungeon over and over.

Sticking to this schedule, you’re looking at a little bit of overkill but will be at 925 Tomestones by the time Tuesday rolls around again. Effectively you’ll be hitting the 900 a week very comfortably and if starting now (August 10th) and capping every week until Endwalker, you’ll earn 12,600 Tomestones of revelation or in other words, a lot of item level 520 jobs by the time we start our journey to the moon. We found this method to be a LOT more fun as you’ll be seeing content you probably haven’t touched in a while. Just remember to be excellent to each other, especially the newbies.

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