FFXIV: In From the Cold Quest Walkthrough

What exactly are you supposed to do here?

by Diego Perez
Final Fantasy XIV In From the Cold

When players arrive in Garlemald in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, they’ll come across a quest called “In From the Cold” that has a very peculiar solo duty. This quest happens as things are winding down in Garlemald and the Scions are planning their next move against Fandaniel and Zenos, but the duo has other plans in mind for the Warrior of Light. In this quest, you play as an Unknown Imperial and must find your way back to Camp Broken Glass before the time limit expires. However, it’s not exactly clear what you’re supposed to do in this instance. Here’s how to complete the In From the Cold Quest in Final Fantasy XIV.

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What to Do During the In From the Cold Quest in FFXIV

When you begin the In From the Cold Quest, you’ll take control of an Unknown Imperial with a very basic skill set. You’ll have access to a basic Paladin combo, a damage mitigation ability, and a small buff. You don’t regenerate health automatically, so you’ll have to find medical kits on the bodies of fallen Garleans to patch yourself up.


The initial objective of the quest is to “Reach Camp Broken Glass within the time limit.” That’s not what you have to do to complete this quest, however. To get your real objective, you must find and interact with the Immobilized Magitek Reaper at (X: 23.9, Y: 16.9). You can see its exact location on the map above. After doing so, you’ll be tasked with finding fuel to power the reaper and an identification key to pilot it.

How to Find Fuel for the Magitek Armor

The first thing on the agenda after discovering the Immobilized Magitek Reaper is finding fuel for it. Thankfully, you don’t have to go too far. To the northeast, there’s a wrecked Magitek Reaper that has some fuel left to salvage. Just approach the Fuel-concealing Wreckage at (X: 27.3, Y: 13.5) to obtain the ceruleum fuel you need.


You’ll have to carry the fuel all the way back to the Immobilized Magitek Reaper, so do your best to avoid enemy detection. Pass through buildings and alleyways when you can, and don’t be afraid to take on a tempered Imperial if they’re in your way as long as they’re alone. Avoid active Magitek armor at all costs though, as your chances of victory against the machines are slim at best. Once you successfully return the fuel, it’s time to get the identification key.

How to Get the Magitek Reaper Identification Key

The identification key is actually quite close to the Immobilized Magitek Reaper. You can obtain it from a Wounded Imperial hiding inside a nearby building at (X: 23.5, Y: 16.2). The Wounded Imperial will call out to you when you get close, so they’re hard to miss.


After receiving the key from the Wounded Imperial, you have everything you need to pilot the Immobilized Magitek Reaper. Make your way back to the machine. It’s time to take out those Imperials blocking your way.

Completing In From the Cold

Even with the fuel and identification key, the Immobilized Magitek Reaper is still, well, immobilized. You can’t move, but all of the machine’s weapons are fully operational. Use the tools at your disposal to take out the waves of Imperials in front of you. The controls can be a bit finicky, but if you’re a Praetorium expert, you should be pretty familiar with this thing.


After the Magitek Reaper sequence, you’ll be back on foot. Continue forward and you’ll encounter a group of Imperial citizens. After you help them defeat the enemies, you’ll be knocked back by an explosion and your screen will go dark. Mash every button to survive the Active Time Maneuver and then crawl forward until a cutscene plays. When you reach the cutscene, the quest will be complete!

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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