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FIFA 19 How to do a Lead Pass (Through Ball)

All the different types of through balls that you can do this year.

by William Schwartz


The lead pass is one of the best passes in the game to get your team in scoring position or start a break to the goal. It allows the intended recipient of the pass the ability to run to the ball, using any potential speed they have over a defender to their advantage.

The lead pass can be done in a number of different ways, both on the ground and in the air.

How to Lead Pass in FIFA 19

Xbox: Ground Pass – Press Y
Xbox: Threaded – RB + Y
Xbox: Lob – LB + RB + Y

PlayStation: Ground Pass – Press Triangle
PlayStation: Threaded – R1 + Triangle
PlayStation: Lob – L1 + R1 + Triangle

The most common lead pass is on the ground, and can be done by pressing the Y Button and the direction you want the pass to go. This will send a lead pass to the intended target.

You can also lob a floating lead pass to players as well. This can be done by pressing LB + RB + Y

The lead lob pass will be used by more experienced players to get their teammates set up for big finishing shots like the bicycle kick, scorpion kick, or other volley finishes. Either way, both types of lead passes can create space on the pitch for your players to run to the ball and set-up for shots.

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