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FIFA 19 How to do Hard Ground Pass

The hardest pass you can make in FIFA 19.

by William Schwartz


Putting a little bit extra on a pass can be good way to get it to your intended target in FIFA 19. Sure, you can use the pass meter to put a little extra oomph on a ball by holding the pass button, but if you want even more power you should use the hard ground pass.

This will shoot a laser pass at your intended target. The downside of the hard pass is that the pass receiver may have a harder time handling the ball in transition and may take a moment to establish control. The other downside is that the pass is less accurate.

How to do a Hard Pass in FIFA 19

Xbox: RB + A
PlayStation: R1 + X

For those times when you simply have to thread the needle on your pass, you can use the Hard Pass by pressing RB + A (Xbox) or R1 + X (PlayStation).

With the Hard Pass it’s important to note that just because you use the hard pass it doesn’t mean that it will automatically make it by the defender. They can still get their feet or body in the way of the pass if there’s not enough space for the ball to get through cleanly. There will be a higher probability of a player not being able to close the gap on your pass if there is space though.

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