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FIFA 21 Shooting Tips – How to Shoot

Master these different shot types to become a better shooter in FIFA 21

by Daniel Chae

The longer you hold the shooting button the higher the shot elevation will be.

Use the circle button to shoot.  See above.  You want to find the sweet spot when pressing and holding the shoot button.  Too much the ball will go sailing over the goal.  Too little and it will be very easy for the keeper to stop.

Normal Shots


The basic shot in FIFA 21 is done by pressing the Circle Button (B Button on Xbox).  To shoot effectively you must press and hold this button to fill up a meter which you will see at the bottom of the screen.  The longer you hold the shoot button the higher the ball will travel and the harder the shot will be.  Regular shots are used in combination with using the left stick to aim the shot for best results.

Chip Shots

There are often times where the goalie gets a little bit too far away from the goal and the use of a chip shot is appropriate.  This type of shot tries to loft the ball over the goalies reach and into the goal.  To perform a chip shot you need to use a shot modifier.  That shot modifier is the L1 Button on PlayStation or the LB Button on Xbox.

  • PlayStation: L1 + Circle
  • Xbox: L2 + B

Finesse Shots

Finesse shots are another type of shot modifier.  The finesse shot have a high rate of success and just like the other FIFA shots above they rely on a combination of the button inputs, aim, and timing.  To do a nearly unstoppable shot in FIFA 21 with the finesse shot use the R1 shot modifier (RB on Xbox).

Like the other shots, you still need to aim with the Left Stick and you still need to make sure that you are not putting too much power on the shot.  Staying between 2-3 green bars is appropriate for most distances.

  • PlayStation: R1 + Circle
  • Xbox: RB + Circle

Long Shots

Long shots are hard in real life and they are equally hard in FIFA 21.  The stars are going to have to align for you to make the really long shots, but you can put yourself in a good position to make more of them.  To do this you’re going to want to use the power finesse shot.  This will basically be using the R1 finesse modifier on your shot while doing the aforementioned things like aiming to the post and using between 2-3 bars of power.

One thing to keep in mind when trying these shots is that you know the player you are trying to shoot with.  To have the best chance of making long shots you want to use a players dominant foot and aim towards the post on that foot.  Depending on the positioning on the pitch this can be hard to do.

Timed Finishes

Timed Finishes in FIFA 21 work similarly to how they did in previous games, meaning that they are extremely hard to master, but can be really rewarding once you do.  Executing a timed finish perfectly will make your shot almost unstoppable.  To do a timed finish you need to load up the power meter as you would on a normal shot by pressing the Circle or B Button.  Then you need to watch the player animation to see the exact moment they will strike the ball.  At this moment you want to press the Circle or B Button again to lock in the timed finish.  You will get green for a well executed timed finish.

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