Final Fantasy 7 Remake – How To Beat Reno

Protect Aerith.

by Dean James
Final Fantasy VII Remake

Following your fight with the Airbuster and last minute escape alongside Tifa and Barret, Cloud gets separated and ends up falling into a church where he is finally introduced to Aerith as more than just the Flower Girl. Not long after Cloud’s Arrival, Turks member Reno arrives and Cloud steps in to protect Aerith. This leads to a solo fight with the cocky Reno and this guide will give you some tips on just how to beat him.

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How To Beat Reno

Coming off the Airbuster fight, facing Reno is quite different. This fight is very up in your face and relies on well timed blocks to win, as Reno can quickly overpower you if you aren’t careful. He also comes along with a few henchman, which you can quickly dispose of before focusing on Reno himself.

When you’ve got Reno alone now, be careful about just charging in and attacking. Reno is very good at countering this, so it’s best to play a little defensive at first. You want to watch for a few different moves from him, as he will dash around and then try to strike at you. He will also try to throw a blue projectile at you, so watch out for that. If his dash attack is charged with blue, you want to try and dodge it outright, as blocking will not be that effective here.

If the attack appears to be a plain attack though, you definitely want to put up a block. By blocking this basic attack, he is left vulnerable for you to attack him quite a bit here, so combo away. Reno is not weak to any magic, so I wouldn’t worry about trying it here. Especially avoid lightning, as that is one thing he is resistant to.

Things get more complicated in his next phase where he throws out EM Mine Toss, which try to trap you in them and leave you open for attack from Reno. Quickly take these out before worrying about Reno himself and then follow the same strategy as above. Wait for the right opportunity and strike. Sometimes Reno may use EM Mine Toss a few times in a row, so just watch out for that and work towards finishing him off.