Final Fantasy 7 Remake – How To Block

Protect yourself from stronger attacks.

by Dean James
Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake has now released and brought with it an entirely new combat system, while still throwing in some elements of the past that people love as well. Moving away from an ATB mixed with turn-based approach, the game has not utilized an action combat style that utilizes a classic style ATB gauge for abilities and spells. With the move to an action approach that will have you right in the midst of tough battles, it was very important to implement a block mechanic into the game to protect your characters from the stronger attacks and combos and this guide will tell you how you can use it.

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How To Block

The combat in Final Fantasy VII Remake is very fast paced, meaning you have to make quick decisions on a dime or you can fall easily in battle. Sometimes enemies have very strong attacks or just long combo strings that you do not want to get caught in the middle to.

To prevent these strong attacks or long combo strings, you are going to want to use your block in battle. This can be done easily by holding down R1 at anytime in battle, which makes the respective character put up their form of a block. This not only reduces the amount of damage taken in battle, but also helps to charge the ATB gauge as well. As a result, this is a good strategy to employ when you need to fill the ATB gauge to heal and need to reduce the amount of damage taken.

Blocking can be a very useful technique to use in battle, but definitely don’t abuse it. Blocking does put you at a standstill, so sometimes it can be a smarter move to try and dodge the enemy’s attack by pressing Circle instead. The strategy you use here is totally up to you though.