Final Fantasy 7 Remake – How to Get Feathered Gloves, How to Get Starshower Ability

As quick as the wind.

by Brandon Adams
Final Fantasy 7 Remake - How to Get Feathered Gloves, How to Get Starshower Ability

There are various weapons in Final Fantasy VII Remake for Cloud and company to find, and some of them are returning favorites from the original game. Tifa’s Feathered Gloves make a return in this first entry of the remake series, but you’ll need to push the story if you plan to grab them.

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The Feathered Gloves are found after fighting Abzu in Chapter 10.

Shortly after Cloud, Tifa and Aerith are dumped into the sewers by Midgar’s scummiest pervert, Don Corneo, they’ll be attacked by Abzu. Welcome to Chapter 10: here’s a boss fight to kick things off.

You’ll need to beat him to explore the sewers proper, and once he runs off you’ll find yourself on a linear track to a room blocked by high water. There is a switch you can throw that will lower the water level and make the stairs on the right side of the room accessible, but don’t take those.


Instead, go to the left half of the room (on the other side of the sluice gate) to find a purple container in the pit below. Take the ladder that is ahead of you down and crack open the container to net yourself a pair of Feathered Gloves! These badass mitts focus on attack power and raw speed, making them amazing for rapidly filling Tifa’s ATB gauge. They have three unlinked materia slots.

The Feathered Gloves come with the Starshower ability in Final Fantasy VII Remake, a powerful series of blows that boosts the strength of the next command to follow. Essentially, it’s a combo ability that works best when Tifa has two full ATB bars, so she can immediately chain a second ability after.

This use-case ties into the proficiency bonus for Starshower, which will net you additional proficiency if you follow-up Starshower with either an ability or spell. You gotta use the next skill/spell right after though if you want credit, so bank two ATB bars to make this bonus easier to trigger.

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