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Final Fantasy 7 Remake – How To Get Purple Materia

Known as Independent Materia

by Dean James


Final Fantasy VII introduced the world to Materia back on the PlayStation and it has returned yet again in the now released Final Fantasy VII Remake. There are multiple types of Materia to be found in the game, with different methods of acquiring them throughout the game as well. Sometimes you may wonder how to find certain Materia and this guide will explain where you can find purple Materia in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

How To Get Purple Materia

Just like the original, Final Fantasy VII Remake has five types of Materia that you can collect and equip to your weapons or armor. These types of Materia are color coordinated and are as follows, green Magic Materia, red Summon Materia, yellow Command Materia, blue Support Materia, and purple Independent Materia.

The latter of these, purple Independent Materia, may seem like the one that is least known what exactly it is, but this is mostly passive abilities and stats for your character, such as giving First Strike or an HP Up. These can be very useful in the game, so knowing how to get them is very important.

Like most Materia types in Final Fantasy VII Remake, it can vary on where you can get them depending on the different Materia. There are some Materia in the game that you can acquire only a limited amount of, while others you can acquire multiple.

This is because certain Materia can only be found out in the open one time only and will be replaced by less useful Materia in subsequent playthroughs. One example of this is the Pedometer Materia you get early in Chapter, which you can only get one time and will be replaced with a Healing Materia every time in future playthroughs.

For purple Materia specifically, you have multiple ways to get them in the game. You have the ones out in the open, with Deadly Dodge Materia being one of the first you even come across in the game out on the road by a car, as seen in the above image. Materia salesman will also have useful purple Materia that you can purchase, such as both HP Up and MP Up. Chadley will be your last resource to use for Materia, where you can get very useful purple Materia like the aforementioned First Strike Materia. For the most part, every resource for Materia can provide you with different purple Materia, so just check everywhere you can and you’ll find plenty.

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