Final Fantasy 7 Remake – How To Get SP

Required to upgrade your weapons.

by Dean James
Final Fantasy VII Remake

The RPG genre has utilized many different characters stats over the years to keep up with, including things like EXP and AP. Final Fantasy VII Remake features a number of these, but also introduces something new this time around with SP and the game’s weapon upgrade system. SP are earned pretty rarely in Final Fantasy VII Remake, so we thought we’d make a guide telling you just how you can get it.

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How To Get SP

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s combat system will reward you directly in battle with both EXP and AP. EXP helps with leveling up your character, while AP is related to leveling up Materia. SP is earned in a different fashion and is also handled differently as well.

With both EXP and AP, you earn them to try and level up your character or Materia. SP is handled the opposite way, as you actually spend your SP to purchase upgrades to each of your weapons. This is done on the main menu by going to Upgrade Weapons, but you actually need a good bit of SP to do this.

Whenever you get a new weapon, you should have a good bit of SP available due to each weapon getting their own amount that carriers over across the weapons. Getting more SP is something that will take a little bit, as it is completely dependent on the leveling up of your characters. For every time you level up each character, that respective character will receive 5 SP that can be used to upgrade the weapons.

You will eventually reach a point in the game though where you max out your level and cannot earn more SP in that fashion. At this point, you will notice you haven’t fulled unlocked all weapon upgrades though.

To get additional SP, you must find all of the manuscripts found around the game. These are found a few different places, including being sold by the Moogle Merchant, but the majority of them are found in Hard Mode as rewards for beating different bosses. These will reward you with more SP to use, so you will need them to get all of the upgrades.