Final Fantasy 7 Remake – How To Parry

Get some instant payback on the enemy.

by Dean James
Final Fantasy VII Remake

The brand new combat introduced in Final Fantasy VII Remake allows for many different ways to take on regular enemies and bosses alike. You can go with a more up close and personal approach using characters like Cloud and Tifa, while Barret and Aerith are typically more ranged characters. Regardless of the character you are using, it is possible to parry enemies in the game to gain an advantage and this guide will explain how you can do exactly that.

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How To Parry

Final Fantasy VII Remake teaches you how to block enemy attacks in battle very early on in the game, which is a very important technique to have at your side throughout the game. You can take that a step further later on in the game though with the ability to parry, though this one is going to require you to have just the right Materia outside of one special circumstance.

If you don’t want to wait to earn the Parry Materia to gain this ability, you can parry while using Cloud’s Punisher Mode in battle. For Cloud’s default Operation mode and the other three characters, the parry ability is not something you’re going to be getting very early in the game, as it is a Materia you will have the ability to purchase from Chadley. By completing Battle Intel 12, you will unlock the Parry Materia in his story that you can purchase.

After purchasing the Parry Materia, make sure to equip it on one of your characters. Your best bet here is probably going to be Cloud for his style of combat, but it is up to you.

To parry in combat, whether you are in Cloud’s Punisher Mode or have the Parry Materia equipped, you must lock onto the enemy with R3 and hold down R1 to block as usual and press Circle as soon as the enemy’s attack is going to hit. This will give you a short window to attack the enemy after, which is very crucial in certain battles.

You will have to make sure not to rely on parrying though, as it is only effective against physical attacks, and even some of those are too strong to parry as well. This is one that you definitely want to use wisely, but yet do not want to exclusively use it, as some stronger enemies will make you pay.