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Final Fantasy 7 Remake – How To Use Deadly Dodge Materia

One of the first Materia you will acquire.

by Dean James


Final Fantasy VII Remake offers plays a varied combat system with plenty of different spells and abilities thanks to Materia. There are also some Materia that give you abilities that aren’t accessed through the actual “Abilities” section of the Commands Menu though. One of these is the Deadly Dodge Materia that you find very early in the game and this guide will explain how exactly it works.

How To Use Deadly Dodge Materia

Deadly Dodge Materia is one of the very first Materia you will acquire in the game, with it being found on the ground next to a car just after you first meet Aerith and fight some enemies. The description for Deadly Dodge Materia may seem a little confusing though based on how it’s listed though.

In the menu, Deadly Dodge Materia is written as “Attack command will do area damage immediately after dodging.” You may think this means there is a specific Deadly Dodge attack that you can select, but instead it’s referring to just your general attack move by pressing Square.

This means you can press Circle to dodge or essentially just roll and then press Square immediately after you get up to do a spell attack that hits more than just right in front of you. It can honestly be hard to tell that you are pulling it off sometimes, but this can help against groups of enemies early on in the game especially.

Deadly Dodge can also be used effectively as a way to narrow the gap between you and the enemy and attack. Instead of dodging one of their attacks, press Circle to “dodge” forward towards the enemy and use your attack as before. This is a good way to start a fight against enemies when you have some distance between you.

It is also important to level up your Deadly Dodge Materia, as getting it up to level two will increase the potency and effects of the attack.

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