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Final Fantasy 7 Remake – How To Use Limit Breaks

Change the tide of battle with these ultimate moves.

by Dean James


There are many elements in the Final Fantasy series that transcend the individual entries, and there is no question that Limit Breaks are one of them. They may be known by different names in certain entries, but Limit Breaks serve as essentially ultimate attacks for each individual character that can really change the tide of most any battle. There was no doubt that Final Fantasy VII Remake would have Limit Breaks and this guide will explain just how you can pull them off in battle.

How To Use Limit Breaks

As Limit Breaks are very powerful, these are not moves that you can just execute with ease at most anytime. Instead, you will have to be patient and wait for the right time to gain access to them in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

You will notice there is yet another gauge for each character in the bottom right corner of the screen, this one located to the right of the HP and ATB meters. This gauge will start each battle empty, but will eventually start filling up yellow. Once it is completely full, this means you are able to execute that specific character’s Limit Break. The big question though is how exactly do you fill up the Limit Break gauge?

There are two ways to increase your Limit Break gauge, by taking damage and by staggering enemies. The amount of damage you take will depend on how full the bar fills. If your character gets hit with a a massive one hit kill type of attack, you will often have your entire gauge filled up.

Once the Limit Break gauge is filled up, you will get an additional option to choose from on the Commands Menu that says simply Limit Break. Select this one and pick a target and you will go right after the enemy without worry of it being countered or anything. The only stipulation is that you have to use part of your ATB meter to activate this.

Each character also has a second tier Limit Break in the game as well, so make sure to unlock those and use your strongest ones in battle. Sometimes it can even be worth sacrificing one character in battle to raise their Limit Break gauge, since you can easily revive them after and let them unleash their Limit Break right after.

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