Final Fantasy 7 Remake – How To Use Manuscripts

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by Dean James
Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake has a few different collectibles for you to grab while playing, with some being more vague than others on how to use them. For example, the Moogle Medal is explained pretty early in the game once you meet the Moogle Merchant, but the Manuscripts in the game are not explained anywhere near as well. You will notice Manuscripts in your Inventory menu just below another collectible with your Music Collection, so you may be wondering what exactly you can do with these and this guide will explain what that is.

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How To Use Manuscripts

Manuscripts in Final Fantasy VII Remake are different books you can collect while playing in different ways. Some of these are earned in battle, some found, while others can be purchased from the Moogle Merchant.

When you go to the Manuscripts though, it will just tell you what the book is and that it increases a certain character’s skill points. This will likely have you trying to open the book, like in games such as Skyrim, but that is actually not what you have to do here.

In fact, the Manuscripts in Final Fantasy VII Remake are much more simple than you might imagine. Rather than having to open them or just activate them from the menu, you will actually automatically earn the SP for that given character as soon as you earn the Manuscript. For instance, purchasing any of the Manuscripts from the Moogle Emporium will automatically add 5 SP to the respective character that book is for.

Manuscripts come even more into play in the post-game, more specifically the game’s Hard Mode. While Manuscripts aren’t really all that common in the first playthrough, Hard Mode rewards the player with Manuscripts all throughout the game for each of the different bosses beaten. This is the only way to fully level up your characters too, so it is very important to grab these for the SP when you can.