Final Fantasy 7 Remake – What Are Status Ailments, How to Cure Status Ailments

Sickness must be purged!

by Brandon Adams
Final Fantasy 7 Remake - What Are Status Ailments, How to Cure Status Ailments

For every boon there is a bane, and Status Ailments in Final Fantasy VII Remake can ruin your best laid plans. There are various ailments enemies can inflict on Cloud and company, so it’s good to know what they are, and how to counter them.

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There are nine total status ailments you need to worry about.

Each of the nine negative status ailments in Final Fantasy VII Remake can easily put you on your ass if you are not paying attention, and they will be highlighted under a character’s health with either a red or brown icon.

There is an item to dispel each, which I will list below. The Esuna spell and Remedies will also remove negative Status Ailments, but the former will cost a hefty amount of mana and the latter is a touch expensive to resupply. These ailments also fall off after a battle ends, so don’t worry about wasting items after a fight to purge these.

The status ailments and their cures are:

  • Poison: Gradually saps HP (Antidote)
  • Silence: Unable to cast spells (Echo Mist)
  • Sleep: Unable to act (Smelling Salts)
  • Slow: Decreases the rate at which the ATB gauge fills (Angel Whisper)
  • Stop: Unable to act (Chrono’s Tear)
  • Toad: Greatly lowers battle capabilities (Maiden’s Kiss)
  • Berserk: Exchanges defense for strength – more damage is dealt and received
  • Fury: Quickens limit break gauge charge, but takes more damage (Sedative)
  • Sedate: Takes less damage, but slows limit break gauge charge (Adrenaline)

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