Final Fantasy 7 Remake – What Are Status Effects, What do Status Effects Do?

Improve your defenses with this buffs.

by Brandon Adams
Final Fantasy 7 Remake - What Are Status Effects, What do Status Effects Do?

There are various ways to boost your survivability in Final Fantasy VII Remake, and none are more effective than status effects. These can be cast with the right materia, so it’s good to know what each does before slotting in a random materia and calling it a day.

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Beneficial status effects help you overcome deadly attacks and improve performance in battle.

There are eight total beneficial status effects in Final Fantasy VII Remake, and they all provide a different buff. Each has a unique blue icon that will be displayed under a character’s health when active, so you can easily track when they fall off.

The eight status effects are:

  • Regen: Gradually restores HP.
  • Barrier: Reduces physical damage taken.
  • Manaward: Reduces magic damage taken.
  • Shield: Nullifies physical damage taken.
  • Reflect: Reflects magic spells.
  • Haste: Quickens the rate at which the ATB gauge fills.
  • Resist: Prevents negative status ailments.
  • Auto-Life: Revives target from incapacitation once during battle.

As you can see, these status effects are potent buffs that can swing the flow of battle. Most are accessed from various materia upgrades (such as Regen, which comes from the third Healing Materia level), so it behooves you to level your support materia to gain access to all of these.

- This article was updated on April 10th, 2020

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