Final Fantasy VII Remake – How To Level Up Materia

Necessary to get better spells.

by Dean James
Final Fantasy VII Remake

The original Final Fantasy VII was very innovative for the genre as a whole, with it changing the landscape for future RPGs to come. One of the innovative mechanics introduced in the game was that of Materia, which of course have returned in the new Final Fantasy VII Remake. Leveling up said Materia is also very important and this guide will explain how you can do that.

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How To Level Up Materia

Materia are orbs of magic that can be used to give your party members various spells and perks that can be very useful in battle. Once you obtain a Materia orb, you can place it onto either a weapon or armor for any of your characters by opening the menu and going to Materia and Equipment and pressing Triangle for the respective character.

Most Materia also have levels as well, with you obtaining either more powerful spells or enhanced perks depending on the Materia. For instance, the level one Fire Materia only has the Fire spell, while getting it up to level three will give you Firaga to use.

Leveling up Materia is obviously a very important part of Final Fantasy VII Remake and it can actually be done rather easily. Start off by slotting in whatever Materia you want to level up into the weapon or armor of one of your active party members. Putting it in say Barret’s weapon when he’s not even involved in the current chapter you’re on will not help at all.

After putting the Materia on the weapon or armor, all you have to do now is go find battles and fight enemies. For every enemy you defeat, you will obtain AP, which is specifically for Materia. If you look at the Materia equip screen, each Materia level requires a certain amount of AP to reach the next level. This means you just need to keep battling enemies and it will eventually lead to the Materia leveling up and giving you access to great spells and perks.