Final Fantasy VII Remake – How To Beat Hell House

Ready for a long fight if you don't come prepared.

by Dean James
Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake has a number of bosses that you will face, with each having some sort of strategy that can help you to defeat them more quickly. Most of these bosses are still able to be taken down without too much trouble with good old fashioned brute force of attacks and spells while healing along the way. However, there are a few bosses that are going to be near impossible without utilizing their weaknesses and there is no question that Hell House is the king of those fights.

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How To Beat Hell House

Just when you thought you were out of the woods in the Wall Market Colosseum with the supposed third and final battle, the game throws a curveball at you with the toughest fight in the game to that point and easily one of the toughest overall in Hell House. Without this strategy, you would need the Assess Materia to figure out what to do against Hell House. Personally, I did not have Assess equipped at the time and while I managed to beat Hell House in one go, it took me more than 30 minutes by just attacking in a regular fashion. You definitely don’t want to have to do that, so follow this strategy.

Hell House has multiple phases for you to face, with the first being pretty straightforward. Essentially, you want to go into the fight with Cloud and Aerith both having as much Magic Materia equipped as you can. In particular, you really need Fire, Thunder, Ice, and Aero, with the highest level Materia for each the better.

In this first phase, you want to watch for Hell House’s windows on the side, as that will tell you what element the house is currently and give you a hint at the weakness to use on it at the time. Essentially, when the windows are white, use Fire magic, if red, use Ice magic, if green, use Thunder magic, and if yellow, use Aero magic. Also feel free to mix in regular attacks and abilities, with the goal being to try and stagger Hell House. Just avoid any of its attacks this round and you should be okay.

This second phase will start by throwing chairs at you, so dodge all of them and continue the same strategy as before with the elements and the windows. The Hell House is more dangerous now though, as it can become invulnerable for periods of time and also suck you up into it, so be very careful. Hell House will be doing this for awhile, so just keep attacking and staying alive.

Eventually, Hell House will take to the air later in the fight and start shooting more projectiles at you to avoid, while also trying to divebomb at you. What you want to do is watch for when you have an open window and attacking Hell House with the correct element here to avoid this from happening and rinse and repeat the above strategy when its back on ground level to finally take down this monstrosity.