Final Fantasy VII Remake – How To Fast Travel

Not available until late in the game.

by Dean James
Final Fantasy VII Remake

As video game world maps have gotten larger and larger, fast travel as a mechanic has almost become a commonplace. Final Fantasy VII Remake is a bit of a different case though, as it’s got plenty for you to explore, but definitely is not an open world or anything. There are still locations you can travel back and forth between, but that isn’t until later in the game. As a result, fast travel is not available very early in Final Fantasy VII Remake, but this guide will tell you when you gain access to it and how you can use it.

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How To Fast Travel

As you typically are placed in only one area of Midgar throughout the earlier parts of the game, you do not have access to fast travel at all. However, that finally changes in Chapter 14, when you finally find yourself traveling regularly from the Sector 5 Slums to Wall Market and more.

To gain access to fast travel, you need to look around for Chocobo stands, which are typically found on the outside areas of town near where you would be leaving. There is a mission at this point you will be given known as Chocobo Search where you are enlisted by Sam to find his three missing Chocobo.

Doing this sidequest is not a requirement to fast travel though, as you now have the ability to fast travel to a certain number of locations for a price in gil. For each of the three runaway Chocobo you find, you will unlock additional areas you can fast travel as well.

The big prize though comes when you find all three of the runaway Chocobo, as Sam will reward you with a free pass to ride on the Chocobo to fast travel free of charge to any of the fast travel locations for the rest of the game. This even extends to when you go back and play the game again with Chapter Selection as well, which is a nice touch.