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Final Fantasy VII Remake – How To Find Hidden Music Track In Chapter 6

Near the Chocobo & Moogle Materia.

by Dean James


The Final Fantasy series has always provided us with some of the best soundtracks in all of gaming, with Final Fantasy VII always being great from top to bottom. On top of the usual background music, Final Fantasy VII Remake introduced something rather neat with the Music Collection. This consists of 31 music tracks for you to find in the game by various means. Most of these are pretty easy to come across, though there are still a few tricky ones. One of the easier to miss ones comes during Chapter 6, so this guide will tell you where you can find it.

Where To Find Hidden Music Track In Chapter 6

Chapter 6 is one of the more confusing areas to navigate, as you have to do a lot of moving back and forth between platforms. The main quest here has you turning off sun lamps that are draining all the power, which then gives power to other areas. This does mean there are more enemies to face with various turrets and such, but it also gives you access to new platforms.


Just as we talked about in the guide on the Chocobo & Moogle materia, there is a point fairly early in the chapter where you have to walk across a giant pipe with giant fans blowing in the distance. Take note here, as the nearby platform that would go to the west is what we will be needing very soon. Keep playing through this area and turn off all the sun lamps as instructed and then head back to that platform near the pipe.


From this platform, you do not want to take the newly activated elevator, but instead the platform to the west. After you take this platform, you will come across a Potion vending machine that you can use. However, you will notice a ??? track appear when you get near, which means this vending machine has a song you can purchase from it. This song in particular is track 18 Electric de Chocobo and definitely is one of the easiest to miss if you’re not paying close enough attention.

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