Final Fantasy VII Remake – How To Get Back To Combat Simulator in Post-Game

Plenty of new battles to take part in.

by Dean James
Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake introduces you during Chapter 9 to the Colosseum, where you take part in battles as part of the story and then have the opportunity to take on additional battles after the fact. Multiple chapters later, you get something similar within Shinra HQ when you gain access to the Combat Simulator with Chadley. It is possible to take on Combat Simulator after you beat the game too, but it may seem a little confusing as to where to find it and this guide will tell you exactly what to do.

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How To Get Back To Combat Simulator In Post-Game

Beating Final Fantasy VII Remake gives you access to the Chapter Selection feature, which is a great way to replay through the game in different orders you want. One of the best challenges that you can go back and take on are new battles within the Combat Simulator as well.

You might think that you have to select Chapter 16 and play through the whole thing again until you reach the Combat Simulator, but that is not the case. Instead, you want to select Chapter 17 that starts off in the room with Aerith telling her connection to the place. From here, leave the room and follow the only path you have until you get to an elevator. Take this up to the next floor and go out into the main area and defeat all of the enemies in the room.

Once the enemies are defeated, Barret and Red XIII will have cleared the stairs, allowing you to go up them and speak to Chadley. He will tell you about the new Combat Simulator and mention you can also do it mobile. That is referring to only the VR simulations against the summons, but what we want is outside of the Chadley menu.

Rather than going down the hall towards the elevator with the waypoint, you want to go through the door that Chadley is standing behind. In this room, you’ll find a vending machine and Rest Stop, as well as a door to the Combat Simulator. This door can kind of blend in with the dark walls here, so pay close attention and you’ll find it. Now you’ll have multiple new challenges that are Hard Mode exclusives, as well as one Aerith challenge that can be done outside of Hard Mode too.