Final Fantasy VII Remake – How To Get Back To The Sewers

Necessary to find Don Corneo's final stash.

by Dean James
Final Fantasy VII Remake

The long adventure in Wall Market culminates in Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith being dropped into the sewers and having to find their way out. That is not the only time you will be visiting the sewers though, as they come back into play yet again during Chapter 14. During this time, one of your quests tasks you with finding three of Don Corneo’s stashes. Two of these are easy to find, but the third requires you to return to the sewers and this guide will tell you how you can get back there.

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How To Get Back To The Sewers

The main story quest at this point of the game will have you going back to Don Corneo’s mansion since that’s how you dropped into the sewers, so you probably assume that you would want to avoid that and finish the sidequest first. This probably would have you going back to the exit where you got out of the sewers on the other side of the ghost train yard. However, you will find that way to be blocked off with no way to enter.

This is a case where you actually have to go against your instincts, as you actually do have to go to Don Corneo’s mansion. The main story mission that has you teaming up with Leslie to find Don Corneo will lead you directly into the sewers. At least this time there is a ladder to go down there instead of having to drop though.

You have to play through the entire story part here with finding Don Corneo before you even have a chance at the final stash as well. This final stash is hidden in an area that is flooded with water that you have to lower. For more details on specifically how to find it and the other two stashes, make sure to check out the guide on how to find the three stashes.