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Final Fantasy VII Remake – How To Get Carbuncle Summon

Not available for everybody.

by Dean James


Carbuncle is a creature in the Final Fantasy franchise that dates all the way back to the Super Famicom era with Final Fantasy V and has shown up many times since over the years. While it did not make an appearance at all in the original Final Fantasy VII, Carbuncle has been added to Final Fantasy VII Remake this time around as a special summon Materia. However, Carbuncle cannot just be found in the game and this guide will explain how you can get this cute little creature as your latest summon.

How To Get Carbuncle Summon

Final Fantasy VII Remake has a number of different summons available to the player. Most of these are earned through the game’s VR Combat Simulator by defeating different summons once unlocked, along with one that can be found on the ground in the game. There are also a few that cannot be earned in the game itself and rely on other variables.

The Chocobo Chick was included as a pre-order bonus for the game and the Cactuar was included as a bonus for those who purchased either the Deluxe Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition, or 1st Class Edition. Carbuncle on the other hand is definitely the most limited of the bunch, as it is limited to just two editions total.

Unlike Cactuar that was available to all three versions beyond the basic, the Carbuncle summon is exclusive to the Digital Deluxe Edition and 1st Class Edition. This means those that buy the physical Deluxe Edition will be left out and only get the Cactuar summon.

If you happened to have gotten the Digital Deluxe Edition, make sure to also install the Carbuncle summon item from the PlayStation store alongside it. If you got the 1st Class Edition, make sure you redeem your code and also install it. Regardless of which of the two you got, you must then go into the game and go to the pause menu. Then scroll down to System, then pick DLC, and activate the Carbuncle summon DLC right from here and you should find it right there in with the rest of your summon Materia in the game.

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