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Final Fantasy VII Remake – How To Get Darts Mini-Game High Score

No participation trophies here.

by Dean James


Having little mini-games within a game is a pretty common thing to include and Final Fantasy VII Remake has a few of those for you to try out along the way. The first of these comes in Chapter 3 when you are inside Seventh Heaven bar. After being left alone to wait while Avalanche is making their plans in the basement, you have the opportunity to walk around in the bar. While doing this, you can find a dartboard and start up a game of darts. There is a Trophy on the line for the high score on this one, so we have created a guide to tell you how to get the perfect score.

How To Get Darts Mini-Game High Score

Before even starting, the darts mini-game high score is no joke, as it requires you to get near a perfect score to grab it from Wedge. He has a score of eight darts, which means we have to do it in seven or better. However, we are going to go for six here in this guide.

The way this works is that you use the left analog stick to aim the dart, with the reticle starting at random spots on each throw. If you try and move the reticle too far, it will start moving around way too much and be hard to aim. That’s why you want to try and move it at a normal to slow speed towards the bullseye.

All this time, the reticle will be getting bigge and smaller, with you wanting to press X to throw when the blue part is as close to the yellow inner circle as possible. This means you will get a very accurate throw that will go right where you have it aimed. If you allow it to be too big, you will instead throw off and be forced to start over if you’re going for the high score.

The way to win this is to reduce the point total down to 0 from 301, so go for the bullseye on the first five darts. If you miss on any of them, you will have to start over. For the sixth dart though, you want to do something different.

You’ll notice that a certain point on the board will start to glow, which is the triple spot you want to hit on this round to end it all. This can be difficult due to being very small, but just use the same strategy here as before.

The key for each dart throw here is to be patient, but also don’t take too long. Going too far will mean an inaccurate throw, but taking too long will mean a bad throw as well. If you follow these steps, you will get the score wiped out in six darts and claim the top spot of the leaderboard.


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