Final Fantasy VII Remake – How To Get Moogle Medals

Rack up on this collectible.

by Dean James
Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy as a series has a ton of different and unique species of characters, with Moogles being one of the most long running and most prominent of them all. There is not only a summon involving a Moogle in the game, but also a type of collectible known as the Moogle Medal that we broke down in more detail about what exactly they are in another guide. For the purposes of this guide though, we are going to discuss just how you can earn Moogle Medals in the game, as they do play an important role in not just a mission, but also for the completionists out there.

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How To Get Moogle Medals

Moogle Medals are spread all throughout Final Fantasy VII Remake, with a number of different ways to acquire them. Some of these you’re just going to probably happen upon while playing, along with one that you may not realize can be used to farm for Moogle Medals.

Starting off, the first Moogle Medal you will come across in the game is very likely going to be from the destruction of a Shinra Crate somewhere in Chapter 1. Shinra Crates are shown to you early in the game and can give you MP recovery through Mako shards, items such as potions, as well as Moogle Medals. There’s nothing really special that you can look for to know one will have a Moogle Medal in it, so the best plan is to just hack and slash any Shinra Crates that you come across in the game.

On top of being found in Shinra Crates, there are also times that you will find Moogle Medals in chests found around the world as well. There are also going to be just plain chests, so open any chests along the way and you’re bound to get some extra Moogle Medals.

The absolute best and most sure fire method of obtaining Moogle Medals comes one you reach the Sector 5 Slums and first are introduced to the Moogle Merchant and the Moogle Emporium. After this, you must complete the Kids on Patrol sidequest, which opens up a new mini-game within the kids’ secret hideout, which is part of the A Verified Hero sidequest.


This Whack-a-Box mini-game can give you some pretty good rewards for completing it, but the key here is that the participation reward each time is a Moogle Medal. There doesn’t seem to be a limit on these here, so you can just keep doing it and getting Moogle Medals to use. This does kind of take away some of the fun of finding them and collecting them, but it’s an option for people that want to grind quickly to get a bunch of them.