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Final Fantasy VII Remake – How To Get More Materia

A commodity you cannot take for granted.

by Dean James


Final Fantasy VII Remake introduced a much more robust and in depth weapon system than was present in the original game, but there was no way they couldn’t keep Materia involved as well. Materia are special orbs that imbue your characters with magic in the game that you will most certainly need along the way. There are lots and lots of different types of Materia to get in the game, so this guide will explain the different places you can look to obtain Materia in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

How To Get More Materia

When you first start playing Final Fantasy VII Remake, Cloud and Barret will each only have one Materia equipped, Fire and Thunder respectively. It isn’t until the start of Chapter 2 that Jessie gives you your Healing Materia that you are shown how to equip Materia in the game. That is but the first Materia you can obtain, as there are many more to come through methods, including some within the story.

One of the first methods of obtaining Materia is the game is to find the Materia orbs laying around on the ground. Instead of finding these inside chests, they will be out in the open just like in the image above. In fact, the first one of these you should come across is the Deadly Dodge Materia just after you meet Aerith for the first time. They will continue to be found throughout the game, so always keep an eye out.

The next method of obtaining Materia are from the Potions vending machines found throughout the game. These are always posted right next to a rest stop and have a variety of items that you can. This also includes Materia that you can acquire, though the Materia available in these are rarely much different than what you already have after the first part of the game.

Similar to the Potions vending machines, there are also a few Materia shops found in the game. Whenever you’re in a town, look for the Materia shop, which is on the map as a little single orb icon. The Materia seller will have some options for you to choose from, though there are also not that many extra ones after you buy them in the first half of the game.

The key to get more exclusive Materia throughout the game though comes from Chadley, who enlists you to complete Battle Intel assignments that he gives you. For completing these assignments, he will offer to sell you exclusive Materia that you cannot get elsewhere. In addition, you can unlock VR simulations against summons that you can face. For defeating these summons in the simulation, you will be given the respective summon materia as well. If you don’t know where Chadley is, look for the similar icon to the Materia shop that’s an orb, but he also has a little square icon with horizontal lines alongside the orb.

There’s also a few special orbs you can get, such as the EXP Up Materia you get from the Battle Simulator or the AP Up Materia you get from walking 5,000 steps with the Pedometer Materia.

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