Final Fantasy VII Remake – How To Get Pull-Up Mini-Game High Score

Jules is ready to make you rage.

by Dean James
Final Fantasy VII Remake

If you thought the squat mini-game back in Chapter 9 was tough, you haven’t seen anything yet. Cloud returns to the gym in Wall Market during Chapter 14, but this time he isn’t the one doing the hard work. Tifa is instead challenged to a pull-up workout against three different competitors at the urging of Andrea, each one tougher than the last. This is easily the most difficult mini-game found in Final Fantasy VII Remake, so we thought we’d give a few tips on what you can do.

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How To Get Pull-Up Mini-Game High Score

Similar to the squat mini-game, pull-ups will be done exclusively by pressing the four face buttons. However, instead of rotating around the controller in order, these have different patterns that can often cross your brain up and lead to mistakes. In fact, trying to look at the controller once you get on a roll can be a very bad idea here, as it can trip you out more than anything else. The worst part that can throw you is when you have to rapidly press the same button yet again, but that can often throw you out of your rhythm, so be weary of that. Also make sure to take advantage of the speed increase as a result of this as well.

Overall, the first two challenges shouldn’t be that bad for you if you can get in a rhythm. Thankfully, both of them will fall a few times across the two rounds, often kind of trying to stay pace with you. If you can get in a total rhythm though, you can smoke both of these guys without much problem after you get the hang of it.

The third and final challenge of course comes from Jules, who very well may have you close to throwing your controller when everything is said and done. The gameplay in this third challenge is the same, but Jules is absolutely relentlless here. It is pretty much guarantee that Jules will slip up in the first round here, but he will very quickly get in a rhythm. Essentially, you will have to be absolutely perfect in both rounds, as Jules just becomes a total beast in round two every time. If you want to win, you pretty much have to get at least 43 or 44 pull-ups to win this one.