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Final Fantasy VII Remake – How To Get Squat Mini-Game High Score

They're going to pump you up.

by Dean James


Chapter 9 of Final Fantasy VII Remake introduces players to the wonder of Wall Market, complete with plenty of places for you to explore. One of these locations you’ll eventually come across is a gym where lots of people are working out. This leads to Cloud getting challenged to a squat competition to see who is the best of the best and this guide will explain what you need to do to win it all.

How To Get Squat Mini-Game High Score

The first challenge proves as more of a tutorial than anything, just teaching you how to perform this mini-game. The key here it to start by pressing Triangle when prompted, then Circle, then X, then Square, and repeat. However, the images on screen will go away pretty quickly, meaning you have to time out everything yourself while continuing to press the buttons. In addition, Cloud will occasionally get stuck on a button, requiring you to press it multiple times in a row before moving to the next button. Thankfully, the button icons will show up when this happens before going away again.

After the sticking point where you have to rapidly press the button, this means Cloud can also move a little faster too, so feel free to try and be more speedy. However, you still have to be careful here, as you can’t go too fast or you will fall over completely. The good news is that all three opponents will fall occasionally, giving you a chance to recover if you do fall.

Each of the tow subsequent challenges do get a little harder, with Jules presenting the toughest fight of the bunch. You can really get on a roll though and still blow Jules out of the water if you are on your A game. I know I lost a few different times and then went out and crushed Jules by nearly double digits. Just keep trying until you get a a rhythm on this one and you should be more than capable of clearing them all.

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