Final Fantasy VII Remake – How To Level Up Materia Fast

Wait for the right item.

by Dean James
Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII helped to change the gaming landscape and one of those ways was with the Materia system. Materia are orbs of magic that you can collect in the game to give your characters the ability to use magic spells or get special enhancements. This is done by earning AP in battle, but this can certainly take awhile for you to full level up some of the Materia with high AP requirements. There are a few ways you can level up your AP quickly though and this guide will explain just how you can do that.

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How To Level Up Materia Fast

As stated above, Materia can be leveled up by earning AP in battle. Some Materia like Ice Materia only require 300 AP to get to the second level and then even more to get to the third and final level. One in particular that has a really high requirement is that of the Revival Materia, as it requires 5,000 AP just to get to the second and final level to earn the Arise spell.

Unless you are just really grinding while you play, this is one Materia in particular that you probably will need a little help leveling up fully and we have some tips on what you can do.

You will have to wait a good ways into the game when you reach Chapter 14. In this chapter, you’ll come across a mysterious Pedometer Materia right on the ground as you’re leaving the area around Aerith’s house after the emotional scene with Tifa. You shouldn’t be able to miss this one time only Materia, as the purple orb stands out as you’re nearing to leave the area. Once you get this Materia, you will want to equip it immediately.

This Pedometer Materia works differently than any other Materia, as this is one that levels up by you walking. From there, you must walk 5,000 steps, which will turn the Materia into the incredibly useful AP Up Materia. From there, you must equip it on a character with a connected Materia spot and place the specific Materia you want to get double the AP in the other connected spot with it.

AP Up is not the only way to level up your Materia faster. In fact, there’s another way that can be stacked with the Double AP to actually give you six times the AP. The only downside is you have to wait until you have beaten the game. Once you have beaten Final Fantasy VII Remake and gain access to the Chapter Selection, you can go back into the game at any time and automatically earn three times AP for every battle. Pairing this with the AP Up will get you to 5,000 AP you need for the Revival Materia and plenty of others in no time.