Final Fantasy VII Remake – How To Pressure Enemies

Knock the enemies off balance.

by Dean James
Final Fantasy VII Remake

The combat system implemented into Final Fantasy VII Remake is definitely more involved than that of the original, with the mix of action based combat and the classic style commands menu as well. We covered in another guide on how you can stagger enemies, which is a very important part of the combat if you want to win a lot of the time. Besides staggering, you will even more often notice the words “Pressured” underneath the enemies health bar and wonder both what it is and how you did it, so we are here to help explain it.

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How To Pressure Enemies

Pressure is a mechanic that ties pretty closely in with the stagger mechanic in Final Fantasy VII Remake, as one leads to the other. Whenever you’ve been fighting an enemy and seen “Pressured” show up, that means you did something right and ended up finding a vulnerability on the enemy. This may mean you hit it with enough physical attacks or hit it with just the right type of spell.

For help on this, you want to use your Assess Materia as well to see what types of weaknesses the enemy has. This will often give you detailsa bout a specific enemy, such as telling you to attack it repeatedly until it gets more vulnerable to stagger, which is actually what pressured means.

Whenever an enemy is under the pressured status, go all in on the enemy. Attack, attack, and attack, as this is the best time to help increase the stagger gauge. While under pressure, this meter fills even more quickly, so take advantage of it whenever you can.

The pressure status won’t stay around forever though, so you will want to keep trying to get it to come back again and again throughout the longer fights against bosses especially.