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Final Fantasy VII Remake – How To Save

A couple choices.

by Dean James


Final Fantasy VII Remake has been a long time coming, finally releasing after all this time waiting. The game takes a lot from the original, but also adds in just about as much this time around. On top of being split into multiple parts, the game has also added in many other more modern gaming mechanics that just weren’t a thing back in the day. This comes into play with the game save feature as well, so we’ll explain how you can record your progress in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

How To Save

As with most modern games, Final Fantasy VII Remake offers the player a couple different options when it comes to saving the game. The first of these is the auto-save feature, which is something you see in almost every RPG these days. This works well in the game by saving very often and continuing from that spot with ease.

This also comes into play with when you lose in the game, as the game allows you to always go back to just before that fight in which you died. It doesn’t place you directly in the fight though, as it lets you prep for it by placing you in an area where you won’t be attacked. This usage of the auto-save is very helpful, as it helps prevent you from getting stuck if you just can’t win a fight with your current setup.

Besides auto-save, Final Fantasy VII Remake also thankfully includes a manual save feature as well. This can be done by pausing the game and going down to Save/Load on the menu. From there, it’s very self-explanatory, as you can save in up to 10 save slots, not including the auto-save spot. This is good for saving in areas you may want to replay later, though you will also have the Chapter Selection feature unlock later as well that kind of makes that obsolete.

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