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Final Fantasy VII Remake – How To Scan Enemy HP

Very important technique.

by Dean James


There are an abundance of different enemies to face off against in Final Fantasy VII Remake, with lots of different strategies for how to take them down. While each enemy does have a health bar that appears alongside the name of the enemy, there isn’t sort of detail on exactly how much HP the enemy itself does have. There is a way to find out details about the enemy you are facing though and this guide will go out how you can do it.

How To Scan Enemy HP

When you first start up Final Fantasy VII Remake and are playing through the opening chapters for the first time, you will not have access to the ability to scan your enemy to find out their HP. Instead, this ability doesn’t arrive until Chapter 3.

When you finally get the opportunity to start exploring the Sector 7 Slums, you will eventually come across a character named Chadley. This character plays an important role in the game by introducing the Battle Intel sidequests. To start, he will give you a special kind of Materia, the Assess Materia, which is going to be very important here.

After getting the Assess Materia, attach it to the weapon or armor of any of your characters that you will currently have in battle. At this point, go inside battle and get your ATB gauge at least half full. Once you have it at least half full, you want to press X to access the Commands Menu, select Abilities, and scroll down to Assess.

Using Assess will give you a breakdown of details about the enemy you targeted with the ability. This will tell you not only information about the enemy like weaknesses, but very importantly the HP of the enemy. This will show the total HP and what the current HP is as well.

If you upgrade the Assess Materia to level two, you also will be able to target all enemies on the screen at once. This means you can see the details about all of them and scroll between the with the D-Pad.

If you have previously used Assess on an enemy,  you can simply press the Touchpad in the future when in battle with the enemy as well to get these details as well.

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