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Final Fantasy VII Remake – How To Stagger to 200%

Always used Tifa.

by Dean James


Final Fantasy VII Remake changed up the gameplay quite a bit compared to the original, with one of the new mechanics being introduced being that of stagger. We’ve already covered how to stagger an enemy in another guide, but you’re going to have to do better than just staggering an enemy if you want to collect all the Battle Intels in the game. Specifically, we’re referring to Battle Intel Report 12 known as “The Stagger Effect Pt.3” that requires you to get the stagger damage to 200% and this guide will help you manage to do this.

How To Stagger To 200%

Various enemies in the game have different methods of being staggered, but each of them act the same once they are staggered. They take increased damage, with the only real difference being how long the stagger lasts. When you stagger an enemy though, they are only at 160% stagger and this Battle Intel requires you to get it up to 200%.

To pull this off, you are most certainly going to use Tifa regardless of which enemy you’re going to try and do it again. This is because she can easily increase the stagger gauge, but the key is going to be pulling this off before the stagger wears off or the enemy is killed.

Tifa is so useful here, as pressing Triangle to use her special ability automatically increases the gauge by 5%. However, typically adding to it only 5% at a time is not going to be good enough, so you will want to use Unbridled Strength to strengthen Tifa and also give you new special abilities that add more stagger at once. In fact, you can add 20% per attack this way.

The location and enemy I was able to best do it on originally was the Ghost enemy in one of the Battle Colosseum battles, though that one took awhile. A much more surefire method is to fight against Fat Chocobo in the VR Combat Simulator with Chadley and get it to stagger. Its stagger meter stays active for a very long time, which is a huge help. If you’re going to do it with Fat Chocobo, you’ll be just fine forgoing the Unbridled Strength and using the Whirling Uppercut to add 5% at a time instead, as you have plenty of time. Regardless of which one you choose, use the respective strategy and you should be good to go.

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