Final Fantasy VII Remake – How To Summon

Not always readily available.

by Dean James
Final Fantasy VII Remake

Asking whether a Final Fantasy game has summons of some sort in it is liking asking will the sun rise tomorrow. Summons are always an important part of Final Fantasy as a whole and that is also the case with Final Fantasy VII Remake as well. While there aren’t as many to choose from as in the original due to being split into parts, they are still ever present and this guide will explain just how you can use them in battle.

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How To Summon

Summons have been handled in many different ways throughout the Final Fantasy franchise over the years, with the way it’s used in Final Fantasy VII Remake being a little confusing on how to trigger it. That is because there’s actually no guaranteed way to bring forth summons, so don’t count on bringing them out every fight to squash whatever enemy you are facing.

Instead, summons are saved for matches that are a little bit tougher and last more than 30 seconds. If you are in one of these longer fights, especially a boss fight, you’ll notice a summon gauge pop up on the right side of the screen above your party HP info and such.

Once this gauge is filled up after a little bit of time, you can bring forth and of the summons that your party members have equipped in their summon Materia slot. However, you will need at least half of your ATB bar filled up to bring forth a few summons, while a few others require a full bar to do so.

After the summon is out, it will help fight alongside you for a period of time that is like a reverse of the original summon gauge. The character that summoned them dying though will trigger an ultimate attack and leave though.

While the summon is on the battlefield, you can use one of two summon abilities by selecting them in the commands menu. You are not just limited to using these with the character who had the summon either, as anybody with half a bar or full ATB can pick selected abilities for them that are dependent on how full you have the ATB bar. If the one who used the summon stays alive, the timer will eventually tick down and the summon will use its ultimate attack before leaving the battlefield, dealing major damage to the enemy.