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Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade – How To Find All Six Happy Turtle Flyers

One of the sidequests found in the Slums.

by Dean James


Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade not only had a number of upgrades, but the move to PS5 also brought with it a brand new DLC story featuring Yuffie titled Intermission. The first chapter of this DLC has Yuffie making her way towards the Sector 7 Slums and then spending most of the time there. While there, she has a few sidequests she can take part in as well before pushing the story forward. One of those is a request from a new character you’ll run into named Old Snapper, who tasks you with recovering six Happy Turtle flyers that have been hung across the Slums. He gives you a list with hints where they are, but this guide will help you figure out how to find each of them, because a few of them can be tricky to find.

How To Find All Six Happy Turtle Flyers

Old Snapper will send you off on this quest to find the six Happy Turtle Ad Campaign flyers located around the Sector 7 slums. After he gives you this quest, you can open the map and go over to the Story tab and down to the Discovery listing for ‘The Happy Turtle Ad Campaign’ to get a list of the locations, which are as follows.

  1. Some kids hid one somewhere
  2. Floating through the air
  3. Near Old Snapper’s friend’s apartment building
  4. A cat took one on Culvert Street
  5. On the town bulletin board
  6. Near the old Talagger factory

Some of these won’t be too hard to find, but we’re going to break them down individually to help you out where to look.

1. Some Kids Hid One Somewhere


This one is not far at all from where Old Snapper or your home base in Sector 7 is, so just take a look around to see if you find a group of kids in an area and look nearby there. You’ll find a little playground area and in the back is a fort made of boxes that you need to tragically knock down. Just behind where these boxes are is where you’ll find the first flyer attached to the wall.

2. Floating Through The Air


For this one, you’re going to have to find where Wedge is located in Sector 7. If you have no idea where this is, open the map and look for the long skinny pathway that takes you to the most southern tip of the area. In fact, if you are up to level 3 in Fort Condor, you’ll see a 3 icon down here as well. Once you find Wedge, look for the nearby icon to jump over a platform and you’ll now see a balloon that you can toss your shuriken at to knock off the flyer. Jump back over the platform and grab this flyer now.

3. Near Old Snapper’s Friend’s Apartment Building


This one should be a breeze to find, but does have someone trying to stop you from getting it. This is located the motel that Cloud and Tifa stay in during the base game, so head over there. When you go up the stairs you’ll all of a sudden be greeted by a dog that you are warned that you should hide from behind boxes. What you need to do is stay behind boxes when he’s awake and then make your way forward when he lays down, just being careful to not let him wake up when you’re between boxes. Eventually you’ll make it to the end and be able to rip off the flyer and also talk to Marle that shows up.

4. A Cat Took One On Culvert Street


As the tip for this one indicates, a cat stole this flyer, so we have to go and find it, which might seem a little tricky. However, the key to finding this one is to head to the north central area of the Sector 7 Slums and up the stairs to where you can go under a barrier to get to an area Cloud and company visited in the base game as well. In here you’ll find a bunch of cats and you’re instructed to find the cat with the flyer. Of course the one you want as soon in the image above is found near the very back behind some barrels, so head straight there and you’ll find the flyer to interact with.

5. On The Town Bulletin Board


To find the fifth Happy Turtle Flyer, you’re going to have to head over to the eastern part of town for the first time. More specifically, you need to go over near where the path forks to either take you to the factory or to the train station. We aren’t going to either for this flyer though, as it’ll be on the far side of where you enter the area sitting right on a green bulletin board for you to grab.

6. Near The Old Talagger Factory


Remember the fork we just discussed near where we got the fifth flyer? For this one you want to take the path towards the factory. Then once you are in the factory, you need to navigate your way through a few rooms until you get into the most northeastern room of the factory. In that room you will face your toughest challenge on the road to getting the flyers so far by taking on two Venomantis enemies. Take both of them down and then you’ll find this flyer sitting on a poster on the wall that may be blocked by boxes if you didn’t already destroy them in your battle. Once you have grabbed the sixth and final flyer, you will be asked if you want to return to Old Snapper and the quest will be complete.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and the Intermission DLC are available exclusively for PS5. Make sure to check out our review and other guides related to the game to get the full experience out of the new release.

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