Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade – How To Get 20,000 Points In Shinra Box Buster

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Final Fantasy VII Remake completely remade the original game from the ground up, though only taking the Midgar section for this first entry. As a result, the development team had to come up with some of their own inclusions to help to flesh the game out further. This included some of the different mini-games that were brand new to the series, which included one where you had to destroy boxes in a certain time limit. With the release of the new Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, specifically the Intermission DLC, there is a new version of this game for Yuffie to take on known as the Shinra Box Buster. There are two different difficulties and this guide will focus specifically on how to get the necessary score of at least 20,000 points in the Basic Training difficulty.

How To Get 20,000 in Shinra Box Buster

For the basic training level, there are three rewards you are striving to earn, which require you to hit three different point totals. These totals are 5,000 for an orb of ATB assist Materia, 10,000 for an orb of ATB boost Materia, and 20,000 for an orb of ATB stagger Materia. This is easier said than done though, as you will have to take down a number of boxes to get the goal of 20,000 here.

As you can see in the above video, the Basic Training Shinra Box Buster mini-game can be difficult, but is still pretty manageable. The setup here is that the orange boxes are worth 100 points each and are more easily breakable with physical attacks. The purple boxes are worth 200 and are more easily breakable with ranged attacks with your shuriken. Then there are white boxes worth 1,500 points each that will take a lot of damage to take down, so it’s best to utilize Windstorm on them. This can be done by tossing your shuriken with triangle into the box and then activating Windstorm. If it doesn’t destroy the box outright, you may need to make one more normal hit to destroy it. Lastly, there are little red boxes that will tack on an additional 10 seconds each to your timer.

To reach 20,000 points or more, you’re thankfully not going to have to destroy every box around here, but rather just a good number of them. Essentially try to take out as many as you can along the path, but don’t get caught up on just a stray box or two and move on instead. One of your big strategies to save time is to throw your shuriken at boxes with triangle and then press triangle again to leap towards that box to save time running between them. Eventually you should be able to reach 20,000 and get all three items and also unlock the Soldier difficulty for the Shinra Box Buster.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and the Intermission DLC are available exclusively for PS5. Make sure to check out our review and other guides related to the game to get the full experience out of the new release.

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