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Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade – How To Play Fort Condor

Challenge some familiar competitors.

by Dean James


Final Fantasy games are very often filled with different mini-games for you to play, whether it be Triple Triad from Final Fantasy VIII or plenty of others. Final Fantasy VII specifically had multiple mini-games within it, but one has now managed to make its way over to Final Fantasy VII Remake through the PS5 exclusive DLC expansion Intermission. That mini-game is known as Fort Condor and this guide will tell you how to play it in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade’s Intermission DLC.

How To Play Fort Condor

Fort Condor in the original Final Fantasy VII was an actual location in the game you would come across, which housed a strategic mini-game known as Condor War. In Final Fantasy VII Remake, this has been changed to be known as just Fort Condor in general and plays a role throughout the Intermission DLC.

This mini-game isn’t something you can just access from the main menu, but rather something you have to reach in the story to first unlock. You start Intermission off with Yuffie making her way to Midgar, so go through all of the early stuff until you get to Sector 7. Here you will end up running into a character named Zhijie, who will lead you to some Avalanche members.

After some scenes here, you’ll be told to stay there to wait on someone named Sonon that is out on the town at the time. This gives you some time to talk to the trio of Nayo, Billy Bob, and Polk in this small room. Speak with each of them to unlock some new side missions around, but eventually Polk will tell you about something known as Fort Condor and teach you how to play.


After this point, you can’t just play more Fort Condor in this location outside of redoing the tutorial or even access it from the menu. Rather, you actually have to go out in Midgar to find people to challenge to games. At first, you can only challenge people who are Level 1, who has a 1 icon above their head and on the map. After beating all of the people that are Level 1, you can unlock the Level 2 competitors, who will then have a 2 and so on. Level 4 is the highest, so you won’t have too many of these to do overall.

Defeating everyone at Fort Condor will unlock the Game, Set, Master Trophy on Easy or Normal, while beating it on Hard will give you the Condor Queen trophy.

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